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April 25, 2011

General Conference!

My Little Brother!

1 year ago my little brother went to his mission... What a wonderful place to be...

He's doing great out there and i wish i could see him doing the Job , because I know he is a good missionary and everybody just love him... I miss him a lot. Last time i saw him was in Jan. 2008.

Here some pictures Elder Medeiros

Waiting for SPRING!!

Lillian's First Birthday party!

Singing Happy Birthday!!!

In Brazil the first Birthday its a big party!!! So We had for Lilly a mix of Brasil and US.

We really liked to have families and friends over ( Michelle's House)

We had a great time, and i'm sure Lilly loved it... she was so tired in the end...

More of Lillian!!

She is just adorable!

April 20, 2011

Halloween and Christmas!!!


Lillian having fun!! She is adorable! and loves to play all day long... She is a happy princess and everybody loves to be around her.